We Are
Employee Owned

The people who work in this company own this company.
When you join NP Mechanical, you become a business owner. Our employee-ownership model gives everyone a sense of pride in their work and is a key motivator in working toward shared company goals. When a group of hard-working people own the company in which they work, it creates a high-performance culture anchored in purpose and teamwork. Being an employee owner at NP Mechanical gives each worker unique and life-changing long-term financial opportunities. The welfare of our people comes first as we continue to grow and prosper.

The Ownership Advantage

As an employee, you contribute your effort, ideas, and teamwork every single day. Your work, combined with the work of fellow employee-owners, drives company performance. As an owner, this value flows back to you through an increased share price and dollars in your ESOP in addition to a Quarterly Bonus Program, 401(k) Plan, and other benefits.

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